Wednesday, 15 January 2014

私の独特の友人 (My Peculiar Friend)

HEYYYY. I've only made a new post now, I apologize. This is my friend Chloe, or Kuroi (黒井), as I like to call her. This blog post will be dedicated to her and the 10 things about her.

1. She loves scissors. And carries them around, too. 
2. She's an anime addict. Quite obvious, this is. She's done it all, from gaming to visual novels.
3. Yandere is her middle name. Although she claims she's never been in love, she's got the qualities of one in the making.
4. She admits she's short. Her height is around 4'11". She's 14 BTW.
5. Not particularly girly, but she'll squeal for gothic loli dresses.
6. It might not be obvious, but she loves blood.
7. She's an introvert. Socially - awkward is how she describes herself.
8. She's a sadisssst. Hehe but this is just my opinion. She loves watching lots of gore, and enjoys it, too.
9. She's basically a carbon copy of Tomoko Kuroki. Except with glasses.

10. She's lazy, she says. She describes herself as the "laziest of the laziest".